Special Fixed Deposit

Special fixed deposit is a new savings product, which will be accessible to all who wish to invest with BBS from 1 June 2021 to 31 November 2021. Features of this product a below. The interest rate is very attractive and is the best in the market.

• Minimum deposit P50,000.00
• Interest paid at the end of the term
• Investment period is twelve (12) months
• Funds may not be withdrawn before maturity date. Early termination forfeits all interest accrued at time of termination.
• Customer may take up a short term loan against their investment at 75% of their total investment and loan will run for the remaining period of the investment (fixed deposit)
• Eligibility will be based on “new to us’’ funds principle
• Open to retail and commercial customers
• The account has no maximum limit on amount to be invested.

Call 3631551 or 3631595 for more information.