Ordinary Savings Account

This is the most widely used, mainly because of its extreme flexibility. You can withdraw and deposit as often as you like provided you make an initial deposit and maintain a minimum balance of P100. Interest is calculated on the daily balance and payable on a quarter yearly basis.

  • BWP100.00 opening/minimum balance
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • ATM facility available (for BBS ATMs only)
  • Interest paid is 0.2% annually
  • Attracts maintenance fee of P39.90 VAT inclusive
  • Attracts P3.36 ATM charge  withdrawal VAT Inclusive
  • This account is also used for Payroll purposes 

Who may operate Savings Accounts?

All Savings Accounts may be operated by any person over the age of 16, companies, clubs, associations, partnerships, deceased estates, trust funds and others.