Fixed Deposit Account

As your only locally-owned national Building Society, we firmly believe in helping YOU - our members and clients grow, develop and prosper as the country itself moves forward. Our Fixed Deposit Account offers you the chance to save for the future, to meet future commitments such as school fees, etc, or merely to provide you with a secure, guaranteed high return on your investment.

The interests rates payable to you are fixed and guaranteed for the term of investment and will not fall even if other banks interest rates fall (as the trend has shown is likely to occur). The option of investment periods and minimum amounts of investment are structured to suit any, or all, of your needs.

The key to successful saving is in making the commitment to save; however, we realise that there may be times when financial emergencies arise. If such an event occurs, we will immediately provide you with cash against the security of your investment with us at reasonable cost, so that your fixed deposit continue to grow.

Product Information

BBS has introduced a fixed deposit account with varied interest rates, with a range of amounts and with an investor having the choice of investment period. A minimum investment amount is also proposed in order to encourage existing customers to diversify rather than switch their current investments for the fixed deposit product.

Maturity Periods

The available maturity periods range from 12 months to 60 months. The movements in rates are generally difficult to predict over the medium-to-long-term. The rates, therefore, take into account that market rates are likely to fall in the short to medium term. The fixed rates offered are meant to provide a cushion to investors against this eventuality, and also to provide the assurance of a good return even when general market rates fall.

Interest ranges from 2.01% to 5.11%.