Ordinary Savings Account

The BBS ordinary savings account is as flexible as your needs. The account comes with a BBS Visa card which gives you secure, fast, and easy access to your money. Open this account with a minimum amount of P200 and enjoy global access to ATMs and the ability to do secure online transactions.

Who may operate Savings Accounts?

This account may be operated by any person over the age of 16, companies, clubs, associations, partnerships, estates for deceased persons, trust funds and others.

BBS, We know you better

Terms and conditions apply.

About the BBS Visa Card

  • Linked to your bank account for real time transacting.
  • Globally accepted, allowing you to transact whenever, wherever, and however, 24/7. Cashless transactions: allowing you to swipe, dip, and tap.
  • Ability to change your PIN 24/7.
  • Secure and safe way to access your money 24/7.
  • Enables you to account for your spending after each transaction.
  • Global ATM access.
  • Allows you to pay online safely directly from your bank account.


Click https://www.bbs.co.bw/bbs-visa-debit-card-terms-and-conditions for the BBS Visa Card Terms and conditions