Short-Term Loans

There are times when you will need a bit of extra cash to make certain important purchases or investments which just can’t wait. As an investor with BBS Limited you can now make all the purchases you need with a special Short Term Loan.


Your shares will continue to earn dividends for the whole period that they are securing the loan. A short term loan is NOT a withdrawal of shares, the shares are still yours and are committed to their long-term income earning potential. The minimum loan amount is P650.00. The loan will also attract interest as the cost of borrowing.

Who can apply ?

Any institution or Anyone can take out a Short Term Loan as long as they have a BBS Limited, savings of fixed deposit account (Subscription Savings, Indefinite period Paid Up Savings, Tlamelo Mortgage Savings, Lerako Savings or fixed deposit account). Individuals can borrow up to 75% of the value of their shares to enable them to make those necessary purchases.

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