Special Fixed Deposit Account

Product Features; 

  • As a way of encouraging a high hit ratio, a competition will run parallel with the launch campaign of this product, where every twelve (12) months one lucky customer will win BWP20 000.00.
  • The campaign will run for 36 months.
  • A minimum deposit of BWP1 000 000.00 (One Million pula) is allowed.
  • The account is open to both citizens and non-citizens who are resident in Botswana.
  • Commercial entities can also invest in the product.
  • The depositor has an option to rollover both principal plus interest at maturity and be treated as new deal.
  • The depositor may withdraw interest only and reinvest principal or part thereof upon maturity.
  • Early termination of contract will result with forfeiture of all accrued interest.
  • Depositors may apply for short term loans against their investment up to 75% of its value and shall be payable within the duration of the contract i.e. 12 months.
  • The facility may be closed immediately in the event of death of the depositor.
  • Proceeds may be passed on to a third party who also has the opportunity to reinvest.