Short-Term Loans

There are times when you will need a bit of extra cash to make certain important purchases or investments which just can’t wait. As an investor with BBS you can now make all the purchases you need with a special Short Term Loan.


Your savings will continue to earn dividends for the whole period that they are securing the loan. A short term loan is NOT a withdrawal of savings, the savings are still yours and are committed to their long-term income earning potential. The minimum loan amount is P650.00. The loan will also attract interest as the cost of borrowing.

Who can apply ?

Any institution or Anyone can take out a Short Term Loan as long as they have a BBS share, savings of fixed deposit account (Subscription Shares, Indefinite period Paid Up Shares, Tlamelo Mortgage Savings, Lerako Savings or fixed deposit account). Individuals can borrow up to 75% of the value of their shares to enable them to make those necessary purchases.

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