BBS Career Portal

Botswana Building Society is the leading provider of property finance in the local financial services market. The Society has embarked on a process of conversion to an indigenous commercial bank. To support this new business direction, we are on a drive to enhance our human capital practices, including the way we attract talent. Our initiatives include, the introduction of a career or job portal as a new technology platform for recruitment. 
A job portal is an online recruitment platform via which job applicants may submit their applications electronically, after which the system will retain and process their data to streamline recruitment and assist in the management of talent within the Organisation. 
The job portal implemented in the Society is the Sage SkillsMap online recruitment application. All advertisements will henceforth be posted on the portal as well as in the local press. Job applicants will be able to register, upload their resumes and apply online. With the advent of the platform, applicants will be expected to submit their applications online and not to send by post, email, fax or post.
We hope that you will enjoy navigating the recruitment site, as it offers the following:  
  • A hassle free and easy registration process allowing instant submission of your application 
  • SkillsMap guarantees you privacy and security of personal data
  • Career development support
  • Access to online job coaching on SkillsMap
  • Availability of SkillsMap as a mobile app 
  • Reliability of updates on the status of your application and candidacy

Below is the appearance of the homepage of the portal